One Month In Israel-Palestine

May—June 2012

CFRU Radio

Radio reports collected over one month travelling in Israel and Palestine. I spoke with activists, journalists, artists and longtime residents from across the territory.

Israel's African Refugees

In only a few years, Israel's population of African asylum seekers has swelled to over 60,000. Mya Guarnieri has been reporting on the poor conditions they face in South Tel Aviv, a situation that exploded into violence in May 2012.

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A History Lesson with Micha Kurz

Micha Kurz is the director of the NGO Grassroots Jerusalem.

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Jerusalem's LRT on The Green Line.

The Freedom Theatre

At the heart of Jenin refugee camp, The Freedom Theatre helps foster creativity and resistance in Palestine's youth. A great success, it faces a heavy price for challenging to Israeli occupation.

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CFRU Radio

A selection of 10-15 minute interviews with a single subject.

Lu Hongmei

I met Lu Hongmei in the days before Stephen Harper returned to China in the Winter of 2012. She told me her story of surviving the Chinese government's crackdown on Falun Gong practitioners.

Photo by Flickr user longtrekhome.

David Miller

The former mayor of Toronto is now a champion of public transit and green cities. I interviewed him in Hamilton in November 2011.

Photo by Flickr user Maulim.

Andrew Bretz

Andrew Bretz is a Guelph professor whose work focuses on rape in Elizabethan England. But when he overheard his students chanting misogynist songs on the city bus, he spoke out against the rape culture that still pervades our society today.

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Shorter, multi-vocal stories


CFRU Radio

A selection of 5+ minute stories with multiple voices discussing a single subject.

Guelph High School Goes Green

An audio tour of Guelph Collegiate and Vocational Institute with its resident green guru, Mr. Lewis. Co-produced with GCVI student Kim Lam.

Photo by Flickr user zzellers

Killing Shakespeare

Kill Shakespeare is a graphic novel, that marries two defining features of teenage life: comic books, and high school english class. I chatted with the creators after they presented a lecture at the University of Guelph.

Artwork by Ian Herring, colourist for the Kill Shakespeare graphic novels.

Women's Day Double-Protest

On International Women's Day, I stumbled across a strange double protest regarding a woman's right to choose abortion. This story tries to understand the event by presenting voices from the protests.

Photo by Flickr user divinenephron

Insite For The Rest Of Us

The Supreme Court of Canada legalized Vancouver's centre for safe injection drug use. What does this decision mean for harm reduction providers in the rest of Canada?

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